Poem: Christmas Myths

It's Christmas time, just a few days to go, And if you're like me you can't wait, But before we start with the presents and ham, There are a few things I'd like to set straight.   For not everything you've heard about Christmas, Is exactly, factually true, And I'd like to clear up some... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Gary (Part 82)

A flash of light, and the beach, the dune and the woman were gone. Victor was back in his suit, back in the mansion, in an overgrown courtyard. It was a wide, open space surrounded by a long-untended garden. Wild greenery climbed the mansion walls and spilled into the paved area of the courtyard; grass... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: The Old Fig Tree

Ron trundled up the hill. The long, lush grass swayed and rippled in the breeze, while the late afternoon sun draped its red glow on the giant fig tree. Down below, the village lay still and content. Ron sat down, wheezed and heaved up a large pearl of phlegm that landed on his shoe. He... Continue Reading →

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