And There Was Ninja Moustache (Chapter 16)

St Gavin’s Cathedral, Norwich, England, 29th May 1999. Two tuxedo-clad groomsmen discussing football, three flower girls admiring their own pink dresses, and a stressed out woman trying to fasten a bow tie to the collar of a squirming page boy occupied a small room to the side of the church entrance. The father of the... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: Best Man Speech

"I count myself privileged to have introduced my best mate Phil and his new bride Stephanie nearly three years ago. Steph and I actually met while working together at IBM. I was there briefly as a lawnmowing consultant, and she had just been promoted to Chief Coroner in the laptops department. She was a real... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: The Wedding Cake

Gabriel Bernard opened the front door of his shop with the same pride and gratefulness he felt the first time he opened it fourteen years ago. Since that day, his skill had become famous; so too had his Christian faith. Everyone in the community knew that six days a week Gabriel could be found in... Continue Reading →

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