Dunk Force Returns (Part 11)

    Late that afternoon, having observed the new Dunk Force squad’s three-hour training session (the last hour and a half of which consisted of watching an educational film entitled Racial Inclusivity and Healing in a Multicultural Society—Part 6: The Sub-Humanness of White People), Ray and Carl were driven to a nearby airfield. As Ray stepped... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 9)

    Ray took a cup and held it beneath the cooler spout. As he continued to watch the players, he poured himself some of what he assumed was an energy drink. He raised it to his lips and took a long sip, then dropped his cup and bent forward, choking and spluttering. As his chest... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 8)

    Carl crossed the court, smiled at Larry then turned to Ray. “Is this him?” he asked Larry.  “This is Ray Elwin,” said Larry. “Ray, this is Carl Derrick. He’s overseeing team preparations.”  Ray and Carl shook hands.  “Great to meet you, Ray,” said Carl. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”  “This is the new... Continue Reading →

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