Painting: Vase of Roses

    Roses have long been a symbol of love. With petals fine and delicate, the flowers die within weeks of blooming, days if cut at the stem, and mere minutes if you set fire to the bush. They speak of life’s brevity and deterioration.     Traditionally, red is the most favoured colour, reminding us of... Continue Reading →

And There Was Ninja Moustache (Chapter 74)

    “We’ve got no weapons, right?”  “Nothing. Unless you’ve got something hidden up your sleeve.”  “Nope.”  “Okay then.”  “Jeez, it’s hot.”  “Yeah, I’m bloody melting here.”  “What do you reckon that thing is? Some kind of laser?”  “Dunno. Maybe.”  “Oi, pay attention. We’re supposed to be brainstorming.”  “I thought you said we had all the... Continue Reading →

Painting: Guitarist

    Ronald Guitar was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1942. The youngest of seven children, Ronald stood out among his siblings as a gifted child, and one with a massive, pineapple-shaped birthmark on his left cheek. His father, Herman, was an angry tennis coach with long hair. His mother, Ethel, was a cake decorator... Continue Reading →

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