Dunk Force Returns (Part 13)

    After arriving in Denver, Ray and Carl checked into a modest hotel. Ray believed an unannounced visit to Peter Zdunowski’s home that night would not be well received, and that it would be better to approach him then next day. Carl agreed, saying he had come up with the same idea.     Around eleven... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: The Good Old Days

    There was a time, not so long ago, when men were men. There was a time when the elderly were respected, when milkmen were appreciated, and when children could ride their bikes down at the quarry on a Sunday afternoon without fear of perverts or peanut butter sandwiches. Those were the days.     My... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction: Poor Jenny

    Adolescence can be awkward, and Jenny Plural knew it better than most. With thick glasses, chunky braces on her teeth, chronic acne and a huge mop of frizzy hair, she was never going to attain to popular beauty standards. Neither did she have a sparkling personality or brilliant mind to compensate. She had only... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 12)

 Ray nodded. “He had a condition… It was why his body had grown so tall so fast. He was such a huge presence on the court, tough to guard, and defensively… when he was on his game, no one got past him.”  “Hold on,” said Carl, turning in his seat to face Ray. He flipped... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 11)

    Late that afternoon, having observed the new Dunk Force squad’s three-hour training session (the last hour and a half of which consisted of watching an educational film entitled Racial Inclusivity and Healing in a Multicultural Society—Part 6: The Sub-Humanness of White People), Ray and Carl were driven to a nearby airfield. As Ray stepped... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 10)

    Ray made his way around the court, back to where Larry was waiting for him.  “So, what do you think?” asked Larry.  Ray looked about the arena. “It’s a damn joke. You have half a team—maybe. But they don’t know what they’re in for. I don’t know if they’re up to it.”  “We don’t... Continue Reading →

Dunk Force Returns (Part 9)

    Ray took a cup and held it beneath the cooler spout. As he continued to watch the players, he poured himself some of what he assumed was an energy drink. He raised it to his lips and took a long sip, then dropped his cup and bent forward, choking and spluttering. As his chest... Continue Reading →

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